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Black Belt Principle #3: Integrity

Integrity- the quality of being honest and having strong moral principles

A Black Belt is a worldwide symbol that represents a high level of excellence, not just in physical skill, but in attitude, behavior and character. In order to have honorable character, one must have integrity. Integrity is about being honest and truthful, as well as keeping your word and honoring your commitments and responsibilities. A person with integrity can be trusted and is usually someone whom you can count on.

Integrity is a powerful and important ingredient in becoming a leader inside and outside of the dojo. Having integrity and a solid character leads to earning the respect and trust of others. Black Belt leaders must always honor their commitments and accept their responsibilities in life.

As students of the martial arts, we must constantly remind ourselves to practice the physical, mental and philosophical aspects of our program. A true Black Belt lives by a certain code of ethics, also known in the time of the Samurai as the Bushido Code. Being trustworthy and respected is honorable in life. To deserve this honor, one should practice and live with integrity.


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