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Begin with Purpose…Finish with Victory!

2020 is moving quickly and soon will be coming to an end. (Thank goodness!) We all started our year with goals and great ambitions, then we encountered some big obstacles. Some gave up, others dug deep and found a path to continue to grow and achieve. As we prepare for the final 60 days of action, how do you want to finish?

What goals do you still want to achieve before the year ends? Are you on track with your physical and health goals? Are you hitting your financial targets? Are you growing mentally and improving your attitude as well as you could be or should be? Are you making positive progress in your relationships? Is this going to finish as your best year ever?

Begin with purpose…finish with Victory! That mindset and action plan is a reminder to all of us to finish the year at a PEAK. With a Black Belt mindset, we should look at our year as a 12-round match, each month represent one round. We fought well and had some bumps in the road. We hopefully racked up a lot of points in the first ten rounds. Now, it is time to finish the fight with style, racking up points and showing what we are capable of! We should be on the Quest to be our Best.

One of the greatest benefits to a strong finish, is the momentum it creates for your future success and achievement. Another benefit is the “guilt-free” recharge you can give to yourself when it comes time for the holidays.

Your martial arts training is designed to help you keep a sharper focus and strengthen your confidence as a leader in life. Everyone in your life will benefit from a strong finish to the year. Think about how you want to finish, and what you want to accomplish as we go into the final 2 rounds. Finish with passion and get yourself fired-up and focused on the Grand Finale for 2020.


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