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The ABCs of Black Belt Leaders

What type of ATTITUDE should a BLACK BELT LEADER have? Should it be positive or negative? Respectful or rude? Most will agree that a well-trained BLACK BELT LEADER should be positive, energetic, respectful, and well mannered. They should also develop an attitude of optimism and belief. Belief in themselves, and their own potential and in the potential of others. They should always strive to become consistent Good Finders instead of Fault Finders. It’s easy to find fault in others and in yourself, however, great leaders condition themselves to develop a positive attitude and to always look for the good in others, in themselves and in situations they may encounter.

What type of BEHAVOR and habits would you expect to see from a highly skilled BLACK BELT LEADER? It has been said that we are all creatures of our habits. As leaders in the dojo and in our communities, we must make a conscious effort to develop and improve our positive behaviors and habits as we aim to eliminate or minimize any negative habits we may have developed along the way. Great habits always lead us to great results, bad habits will lead us to bad results. By paying close attention to our results, we can quickly identify which habits and behaviors we need to improve.

The overall CHARACTER of BLACK BELT LEADER should represent respect, honor, trust, and loyalty. These are qualities that are essential ingredients to developing great leadership skills. Those that display these important qualities will always be respected, trusted, and will become known for their outstanding example as a leader and person of influence.

L.B.E.E.E. - LEADERSHIP-BY-EXAMPLE-with-the-ENERGY-for-EXCELLENCE means far more than just having awesome kicks, punches and skills like those we see displayed on spotlights and demonstrations. We are leaders in the dojo, in our school systems, in the business world and in our communities. We are leading and influencing people of all ages in an incredibly positive manner and we are clearly making a difference in the world.

The ABC’s of BLACK BELT LEADERS has been an integral part of our organization for the past 30 years and has allowed us to become recognized and respected as one of the great martial arts schools in the nation.


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