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Black Belt Principle #2 - Courtesy

Black Belt Principle #2 - Courtesy

Courtesy - the showing of politeness in one’s attitude and behavior towards others

Courtesy is one of the core principles that separate the martial arts from many other activities. We learn from the very beginning that martial arts training begins and ends with respect. Being courteous and respectful toward others is a good way to make a positive impression on others. In the dojo, we demonstrate courtesy each time we bow, each time we give a polite greeting and by giving a positive response. Saying “please” and “thank you,” looking someone in the eyes during a conversation are all subtle and proper ways to demonstrate courtesy.

Courtesy takes practice. You can develop habits that lead you in the proper direction, or you can go in the wrong direction. Imagine the impact we could all make in our community if all of our students practiced being courteous and respectful in and out of the dojo. In school, at work, at home and especially at the dojo, courtesy is a good habit to develop. Look for ways to be more respectful, practice courteous and polite gestures toward others.

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