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Minimum vs Maximum

The IMPACT Martial Arts & Fitness Dojos have grown and become a Top Ranked Team in the Nation through a consistent focus of the energy and effort of our Elite Black Belt Leaders. This did not happen by chance, luck or by winning the lottery. It happened because our Shihans and the Senseis decided in advance that they were going to dedicate themselves to becoming the best.

One of the many principles and theories they use to maintain their Attitude of Excellence is called MINIMUM vs. MAXIMUM.

The MINIMUM vs. MAXIMUM theory can be and should be applied to everything we do. It is important to understand that most people develop the habit of trying to get by on their minimums every day of their lives. They give minimal effort to accomplish something, or they give only what is asked of them and nothing more. The problem with this is that eventually the minimum becomes their maximum. Without realizing, this self-limiting habit makes it so they may never reach their true potential. This is simply because they haven’t developed the habits that we teach and develop in our ELITE LEADERSHIP BLACK BELT TRAINING PROGRAM.

The goal is to give your best every day and to maximize your potential, to work smarter and harder toward personal growth and improvement.

Black Belts should never accept their minimum or their base level of achievement. They should always strive to become better. They should seek to set and achieve bigger and better goals in their lives. They should constantly aim for higher levels of success and develop ways that can improve the quality of life for everyone they influence.

Those who consistently work and train harder than the rest of the crowd will be able to give and accomplish more because they are better conditioned for success. A true Black Belt remains competitive with themselves, and they are always trying to reach their next level of achievement and discover their true potential.

Whether it’s physical, mental, or financial; the goal or area of life doesn’t matter. The habit of aiming to be the best you can be is what makes a champion tick. Get in the habit of giving your best effort, always. Then when you think you’ve done your best, try to do a little bit better. You will find that you’re usually capable of doing better than you thought you could.

The biggest room in the world is the room for improvement!


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