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Yin – Yang is all about balance and harmony and the interconnection and interdependence between seemingly opposing forces. There is night and there is day. There are positives that occur and there are negatives that occur. The purpose of our message is to reinforce the principles of YIN – YANG and its importance to our lives.

To be a happy, well-rounded Black Belt, we need to develop ourselves in a balanced and harmonious manner. By developing our physical skills we learn about ourselves and improve our mental capabilities. When we train hard and push ourselves to the limit, we should also counter-balance that with proper periods of rest, recovery and recharge.

Think about your past week and rate yourself on a 1 to 10 scale. How would you score your fitness, or your learning and education for the week? How about your family, social life and fun factor? For those that are striving to improve your finances and career, rate that area also.

Do you notice any areas that scored low compared to areas that scored high? To maintain balance and harmony, we must be aware of our strengths and weaknesses.

Where are your strengths? How can you bring them to surface more often? Consistently show your best self and watch yourself get better and better.

YIN – YANG reminds us to strive for balance, peace and harmony - to remain calm under pressure and to be able to respond with intensity when appropriate and necessary. Our goal should be to control the extremes that can happen and to balance our mind, body and emotions.


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