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The Black Belt Mindset

You do not need to have achieved a Black Belt to obtain a Black Belt Mindset. However, to be a Black Belt in the truest sense, you must cultivate and improve on your mindset daily.

Black Belts should be optimistic, especially when it counts. You should be striving to see the positives in difficult situations and realize those exact situations, often, teach you the most about yourself and what you are capable of. Practice daily to look for the silver lining in situations and spread your optimism to others.

You should demonstrate kaizen in as many areas of your life as you can. Kaizen is the mindset and practice of small incremental improvements daily, weekly, or monthly that lead towards large gains over time.

Lastly, we should all strive to practice and show humility daily. The stronger, smarter, better, and more proficient we become, the more humility we should have. Take time to do frequent ‘ego’ checks and in developing system that will keep you grounded as you grow and achieve.

Take a listen to the ARN Podcast: The Black Belt Mindset.


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