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The 3 Ds for Success

There are many keys that will help you become successful in the pursuit of your goals. Often, it can be overwhelming to know what you should be focusing on to help you move towards achieving your goals.

There are, however, 3 key qualities that, once developed and used, will ensure movement towards your goals and ultimately to their achievement.

Desire: The start of any great achievement is a strong burning desire. Desire will not only help get you started but will keep your motivation strong through the inevitable ups and downs you will encounter. Having a strong “WHY” you want to achieve something will make all the difference.

Discipline: Self-discipline, to be specific, is what you need to cultivate. Think of it as Leading Yourself. Motivation is extremely helpful, however, often you just need to act in spite of how you feel at the moment. The more often you take action, the stronger your discipline muscle gets.

Dedication: Staying on the right path towards your goals can be exceedingly difficult. Demonstrating your perseverance and just “sticking-to-it” is extremely rewarding. Adversity makes us stronger! As John Maxwell says, “Everything worthwhile is uphill.”

Action Steps:

1- Download & Listen to the Podcast. (Link below)

2- Take one of your goals and apply the 3 Ds.

3- Document your experience.

The 3 Ds for Success


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