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Renshuu - meaning “Practice Time”. Martial arts training should be taken seriously, and there is an atmosphere of discipline and intensity during each class. Learning from our ancestors of the arts that we practice and enjoy; it is vital that we learn to maximize our own discipline and intensity during our training sessions.

Some simple things we all can do to improve our practice time involve preparation; (1) early enough arrival for class to allow for a calming of the mind and the elimination of distracting thoughts. (2) Physical movement and proper stretch and warm up will get your body and emotions in sync for a good workout. (3) Leaving any troubles in your shoes is always a good mindset for your martial arts training. (4) Learning to train for gain and truly trying to energize yourself for having a great class. (5) Directing your mind, body and spirit for a great physical workout and a valuable learning session.

RENSHUU should be a cleansing process for all of us. Combining flexibility, cardiovascular and challenging skills that require a well-directed mind and a “fired-up” emotion. If you want to get more out of your martial arts training, you must first learn to put more into it.

Better thoughts, better energy, increased intensity, all are ingredients that make for a great RENSHUU. Some people can only make it to the dojo for 2 classes per week. That is fine, provided you develop positive habits and attitudes that allow you to maximize positive progress.

When you think about your martial arts, think about the positive growth and progress you’ve already made. We must always value and respect the effort and energy that has brought us our current level of success and achievement. Now, let us continue to do our best to apply them and prepare for the next level!


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