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Polite Greetings

Martial Arts is filled with history and traditions and one such tradition is the emphasis on demonstrating respect toward others. Respect should be displayed towards everyone in and outside the dojo.

There are many ways we can show respect and appreciation towards other. We are going to focus on one of the most common and simplest ways, and it is called a Polite Greeting.

A simple “Hello Sir!”, “Hello Ma’am!” or “Osu!”, sets a tone of respect and courtesy. When appropriate, it should be accompanied by a good handshake, bow or both. When shaking someone’s hand, always make eye contact and smile as you give them a full, firm grip.

When you initiate the greeting, it’s a sign of confidence and respect, and will be well received. As a Black Belt or a Black Belt in training, you should make it a habit of demonstrating a polite greeting often and always. The dojo is a perfect place to practice this and to make it part of your daily actions. Polite Greetings are just one of the many great habits you will develop in your journey to Black Belt Excellence.

Practice – Practice – Practice!

1) Polite Greetings “Hello Sir!” or “Hello Ma’am!”

“Welcome to our dojo” or “Welcome to our team!”

2) Full and firm handshake.

3) Positive eye contact.

4) Smile and be friendly.

5) Maintain a good body posture.

Anything we do over and over again will become habit, a proper and polite greeting is one of those habits that will always serve a positive purpose.


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