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Last Set - Best Set

LAST SET-BEST SET is the mindset of giving your best effort, energy and finishing strong, right down to the last second. It can refer to push-ups, running, achieving a belt and about any area of training. It can also refer to the final crunch and effort we make at the end of the year. For our Junior Achievers, we could be talking about our progress and the improvements we are making at home, and school as well as at the dojo. For our Adult Peak Performers, it’s about personal and professional growth and achievement.

With only a few weeks remaining to the current Black belt cycle, what we are suggesting is to really think about how you want to finish your cycle. What goals and accomplishments do you wish to achieve before the end?

Let’s finish strong and give it the energy and effort it deserves. Think about how good you will feel when you finish everything you do with great energy and enthusiasm!


1. Write down any goals you want to achieve before the end.

2. Produce three reasons why these goals are important to you.

3. List 5 actions you will take to make your goals happen.

4. Take action immediately – Never leave sight of a goal without taking action to make it happen!

5. Review and rewrite your goals daily to keep yourself focused and fired up!



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