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Kokoro: Heart

The KOKORO symbol translates into heart. Conceptually, it unites the notions of heart, mind, and spirit: It sees these three elements as being indivisible from one other. It can also have the meaning of mindset. For our purposes, on the mats, think of it as the mindset that allows you to properly focus and trigger yourself to achieve optimal results. Being pumped up, psyched up and ready to go, is a quality that BLACK BELTS can develop. KOKORO goes beyond this short-term hyperactive state of mind. It is the ability to bring yourself to Peak State on a consistent basis.

To do this, you must learn to calm yourself, block out distractions and get rid of any negative thoughts that can sometimes clutter your mind. KOKORO allows you to better focus yourself while aiming your energies and efforts in a positive and productive direction. To get optimal benefits from your martial arts training, it’s essential to train yourself to stay focused and fired up on your most important goals and objectives.

The KOKORO mindset is about taking positive actions and remaining proactive on a regular basis. By allowing yourself enough time daily, to properly prepare yourself and to develop the habit of YOI (preparation), you will start each day in a proactive mindset and will begin to eliminate the feeling of crisis in your life. A healthy and well-rested mind, body and spirit always work better and are easier to focus in the right direction. Eliminating and avoiding things and people in your life that create stress, will free your mind of negatives and allow it to be filled with positive thoughts, ideas and objectives.

There is a meditative technique called mind like water, where you learn to relax and rid yourself of the turbulent tides and rough seas that can sometimes represent our daily lives. Once you can see the calm and clear body of water, a glassy and mirror like surface, you’ve cleared your mind. Now, you can better focus your mind and prepare yourself for the desired state of KOKORO.

BLACK BELTS train hard and perform at peak levels daily.

KOKORO will allow you to train harder and maximize the benefits of your effort and energies. It will have you leaving each class eager and ready for the next one.


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