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Developing the Habit of Eagerness

Have you ever noticed how some people are always so eager? They are eager to learn and grow. Eager to train and improve their skills and conditioning. Eager to help and serve others. Eager to work productively and get ahead.

Eagerness is an excellent quality to possess.

In the Martial Arts, when you display an eager attitude, it opens doors and creates opportunities that you may not experience if you lacked eagerness. When you show an eager interest in others, they tend to show you the same.

"To be interesting, you must first be interested in others." -Dale Carnegie

When you're eager to train, your teachers, classmates and training partners will want to share their eager attitude with you as well. When you are eager to serve and help others, you will find more people eager to serve and help you as well.

On the opposite side of the coin, is the person that dreads everything and anything. They always see the dark side of everything and constantly moan and groan. They talk about their dislikes and share their woes with co-workers and friends. If you're feeling good about something, they want you to see their dark and negative view. They seem to take pleasure in bringing the energy level down instead of up. They can kill a positive atmosphere in no time.

Negative people brighten up the room… when they leave it!

One way to stay eager, is to constantly ask yourself empowering questions.

What else can I do to improve? How can I make this work for me? How can I be of service? What more can I do to help the team?

Another is to hang around with other eager people. If you want to become the best you can be in your Martial Arts, get around other people with the same goal. If you want to excel in your career, talk with other people that are also eager to grow and make positive progress in life.

Eagerness is a state of mind... You can choose to be eager, or you can choose to miserable.


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