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Black Belts Practice Self Discipline

A Black Belt should always strive to be their best. To be your best, in the dojo, in school, at home, at work or in the arena of must practice and develop SELF DISCIPLINE of your Habits, your Actions and your Attitudes!

Average people wish for things in life, but they lack the discipline to follow through on their desires... Black Belts have the discipline to set goals for their future and they take action to make them happen.

Average people give their minimum and are willing to accept mediocre results... Black Belts aim for Excellence and discipline themselves to give their best for maximum results.

Average people tend to procrastinate and make excuses for not getting started... Black Belts are disciplined to take action and they make things happen.

Average people are quick to give up and quit, they develop a habit of starting and stopping, and never finishing... Black Belts are disciplined to persevere and stick to it until they do it!

The message is simple, anybody can be average. However, you are a BLACK BELT CHAMPION in TRAINING! Always give your best and practice SELF DISCIPLINE in everything you do. It will pay off in so many ways for the rest of your life!


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