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Black Belt Principle: Indomitable Spirit

Not easily discouraged, defeated, or subdued. Unyielding. Unconquerable. Impossible to subdue or defeat.

Did you ever notice how some people seem to have such an upbeat attitude and always maintain a strong zest for life? They just seem to have that extra amount of enthusiasm in almost everything they do. This is called Indomitable Spirit.

Not only do these people possess a powerful non-quitting spirit, they have a never-ending energy and excitement for the martial arts and for personal growth and development. This spirit is a positive energy force that shows a person’s passion. You can see it in their eyes, you can hear it in their voice, and you can feel it whenever you’re around them.

A person with this spirit is going to be a bit more ambitious than most people, they are going to accomplish more and be more achievement-oriented. They are less likely to show discouragement, they are better prepared to handle the setbacks that we all encounter. They also tend to influence others in a positive fashion. Their enthusiasm and optimism becomes contagious to others.

Most people would agree that enthusiasm is contagious, unfortunately, so is the lack of it. Would you rather be the person that brings people up to a higher level of performance, or do you want to drag people down with a negative energy force?

BLACK BELTS, should always bring people up! Teammates, classmates, family, friends and our associates will always appreciate the end result you help to create.

Live with PASSION - Share your SPIRIT!


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