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Black Belt Principle #4- Self-Control

Self-control is an essential behavior in order to achieve goals and to avoid impulses and emotions that could prove to be negative.

Black Belts should display self-control of their emotions, actions and attitudes. Martial Arts training teaches us to turn the switch on and perform. Martial Arts training also teaches us to calm

ourselves and be in control of our emotions and actions. This allows us to find better health and happiness in our daily lives.

As you develop your advanced Martial Arts skills and a higher degree of expertise in combat situations, it’s vital that you also increase your self-control. Imagine a highly skilled person that is an effective and well-conditioned athlete, but lacked sufficient self-control. This would be like a time bomb waiting to explode.

Developing self-control is similar to developing your self-confidence and a great attitude; it requires your daily attention and conditioning. Eating good foods and taking great care of your physical body has a great influence on your emotions and attitudes. A healthy, energized body creates a motivated state of mind. A smile on your face leads to happy thoughts and emotions. Happy emotions lead to positive and healthy emotions which also create healthy and positive relationships.

Remember, you are in control of your emotions, attitudes and actions, they don’t control you. Black Belts should be leaders in and out of the dojo. Take responsibility to practice, improve and develop the habit of self-control.

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