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Begin with Purpose…Finish with Victory!

As the final weeks of this Black Belt cycle approach, it is important you think of why you started. Draw from that original motivation to keep your momentum going and to finish stronger than ever.

How do you want to finish? What goals do you still want to achieve before the cycle ends? Are you on track with your physical goals? Are you growing mentally and improving your attitude? Do you feel positive affects in other areas of your life because of setting such a lofty goal as Black Belt?

Begin with purpose…finish with Victory is being used as a reminder to all of us to finish our goals on a peak. As Martial Artists, this concept should be part of our every day events. We should be showing what we are capable of in our “Quest to be our Best.”

One of the greatest benefits to a strong finish is the momentum it creates for future success and achievement. It will help you get a jump start on your next set of goals. Your martial arts training is designed to help you keep a sharper focus and to strengthen your confidence as a leader in all aspects of your life.

By being a leader, everyone in your life will benefit from a strong finish to your cycle. So, think about how you want to finish, and what you want to accomplish as you go into the final weeks. Finish with victory, get yourself fired-up and focused on the Grand Finale for May 2018!

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