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Thoughts Drive Success

Thoughts Drive Success

by Shihan

Thinking positively is a habit, just like working out is a habit. If you came from a negative household, chances are good that you tend to “think” in a negative way. As a thought enters your mind, you instantly wrap negativity, doubt and fear around that thought. As a result, you picture the outcome as being too difficult, or not turning out the way you would like.

As adults, it is up to us to make the decision how we want to think on a daily basis. Thinking negatively is the path of least resistance. By saying to yourself or others: “It probably won’t work out”, you are giving yourself a way out. On the contrary, saying: “I will do this. I am going to succeed and make this happen.” takes courage! You are putting yourself on the line. You are taking a stand. That is how real change happens.

Revolution 35 is as much a mind game as it is a physical challenge. Both are equally important to your success. As my students are working to achieve their Black Belts, I coach them to believe in themselves, listen and apply the instructors (coaches) feedback and trust the system.

Here are some tips to start the shift to a more positive attitude:

  • Feed your mind with positives. Read positive books, magazines and watch positive and inspiring TV and videos.

  • Surround yourself with positive people. We tell kids to “watch who you hang with”, then, we ignore the rule for ourselves. Limit or eliminate negative people in your life and find positive people that lift your spirit.

  • Replace a negative thought. This is not easy at first. Many times it is such a deep habit that we are not even conscious of it. Anytime a negative thought enters your mind, immediately replace with a positive thought. You can’t have both in your mind at the same time. You choose!

  • Positive self-talk. We all talk to ourselves (sometimes out loud). Make certain your internal dialog is positive. You should be your biggest cheerleader.

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