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Victory vs. Defeat

Victory vs. Defeat

As modern-day warriors in the martial arts, we must always fill our minds with thoughts of Victory and Success verses Defeat and Failure.

Positive and proper thinking motivates us to take the actions needed to create the success and achievement we desire. Keeping ourselves thinking about victory and success will propel us to succeed.

Fill your mind with fear, doubt and worry and you’ll lead yourself to failure. Bad thoughts can cause us to make bad choices, and bad things are soon to follow. Mental doom and gloom can create a black cloud over everything we do. Focus on the negatives and they will manifest and grow- leading us into a downward spiral of negative regression. Therefore. we must train ourselves to have positive thoughts, ideas and let goals dominate our mind.

When we believe we can do something, we soon discover how!

Action #1 - “Think victory. Failure is not an option!”

In the dojo, at home, at work or school, fill your mind only with thoughts of success and victory!

Action #2 – “You must believe that you are worthy of success!”

Don’t sell yourself short, you can always do better than you think you can. Success happens to those who believe in themselves and are willing to act on their dreams and desires.

Action #3 – “Go for the Gold!”

Be a first-class thinker. The size of your success will be determined by the size of your thinking. You will only go as far as you think you can. Think big and big things happen!

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