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Ways To Build Your Child's Confidence-Part 4

Encourage sports or other physical activities.

(Martial Arts is a great choice.) No longer the sole domain of boys, sports help girls and boys build confidence. They learn that they can practice, improve and achieve goals. Other benefits: they learn to recognize their strengths, accept or strengthen their weaknesses, handle defeat, expand their circle of friends and learn teamwork. Another confidence-boosting bonus: they stay fit and learn to respect their bodies. With the obesity epidemic among children, this is important, even if your child doesn't pursue organized sports. Try to find a physical activity that he or she enjoys, whether it's dance, martial arts, biking or hiking.

Support their pursuit of a passion.

Everyone excels at something, and it's great when your child discovers that something. As a parent, respect and encourage your child's interests, even if they don't interest you. Praise your child when they accomplish something in their budding pursuits. If your son’s talent is playing guitar in a band, support his interest, if it doesn’t interfere with responsibilities like school work. This doesn't mean you give free reign for your teenager to stay out all night.

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