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Winners vs. Whiners

What are we training to become? The answer is simple, a winner, and it is about mindset and actions.

WINNERS are positive, optimistic, proactive and excited about their goals and activities.

WHINERS are negative, pessimistic, reactive and whiney about everything and anything.

WINNERS develop self-discipline in order to bring out the best in themselves and in others.

WHINERS lack discipline of their minds and are very critical of others.

WINNERS condition their minds, as well as their bodies for Peak Performance.

WHINERS blame others for their problems and make excuses for Poor Performance.

WINNERS give value, train hard and make a positive contribution to their teammates and the dojo.

WHINERS criticize, condemn and complain, they tend to be lazy and they take away from their team.

WINNERS brighten up a room when they enter.

WHINERS bring a dark cloud as they enter and brighten it as they exit.

As CHAMPIONS in TRAINING – We must condition our mind, body, and spirit to be WINNERS!


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