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Liverpool Kickboxing Fitness Classes:

Burn Fat, Build Muscle, and
Reach Your Goals With Liverpool's Favorite Kickboxing Class


Work Pressure, Family Needs, Health Concerns, Time Demands...

Sound Familiar?


So what about YOUR time? To be at your best you need to keep yourself physically strong and mentally sharp. Even though it feels like there's not a minute you can spare, if you DON'T take the time, the results can be disastrous. When we see new members in class, the signs of daily life in the 21st Century are usually pretty (painfully) obvious:


Excessive Weight

As you get older it gets harder and harder to keep your body in good shape. It’s not that you don’t want to, but stress, eating on the go, and life itself starts to show through excessive fat on your hips, thighs, and arms. You CAN get rid of it. It’ll take work, but you CAN.


Lack of Motivation

You can’t just sign up at a big box gym and expect to achieve the kinds of results you truly want. You could hire a personal trainer for $100’s/hr, or you could join a class where you’re driven by not just your own motivation, but by your friends, instructors, and the culture of success that we foster in our school.


Sarah - 36 
Before joining, I did not work out! I wanted to get into a regular workout routine, but just kept finding excuses as to why I couldn't. Not only did the coaches give me the tools I needed to make healthier food choices and workout consistently, they were a great source of encouragement. They really care about you and helping you obtain your fitness goals. The other participants are also a great source of encouragement-everyone in the program wants to see others succeed. It's such a positive workout environment. I'm not going to lie, I thought about not going back after the first workout. Every day I am so glad that I did go back. I have made such positive changes in my life since joining. I am happier and feel 100x better all around. I would highly recommend the program to anyone!





Lack of Confidence

As we say in our classes, Confidence is Cultivated. The way you look affects the way you feel, and the way you feel affects every area of your life. If you FEEL strong, you will ACT like you’re strong, and that Confidence will be unmistakeable.


Lack of Flexibility

It’s not like you want to look like a gymnast or something, but as time wears on, our flexibility wanes. This means you don’t move as well, you get injured more easily, and when you DO try to exercise, it feels almost impossible. But after only a few weeks of Kickboxing Classes, you’ll literally feel your muscles relaxing. It can totally change the way you move through your day. 


Silently Dying

“Health” isn’t just a new buzzword. Our population is slowly dying of heart disease, chronic illnesses and worse. Don’t expect to beat the statistics unless you take action. Even if you don’t join our classes, try something! But if you do join, you’ll know that you’re on a personal path that you, your spouse, your kids, and everyone around you can be proud of. 

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