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Black Belt Graduation

Saturday, June 8th at Noon
Morgan Road Middle School

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June 2024 Graduates

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About the Graduates

4th Degree Elite Force Black Belt

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Joe Calabria III - 4th Degree Black Belt

I have been training 16 years, and teaching for over 9 years. I grew up in the dojo and started training at 5 years old. I earned my 1st degree black belt in February of 2013, my 2nd degree in 2015, and 3rd degree in 2018. Just under a year
ago I was able to open my own dojo in Cicero. I am also a blue belt in Jiu Jitsu, and a yellow belt in Krav Maga. I am 21 years old, I also work at Delta Sonic as an operations specialist and I live at home with my parents, younger brother Jake who earned his 2nd degree black belt in 2018, and two dogs. I enjoy teaching karate, training in martial arts, getting to know my students, fishing, lifting weights, spending time with my girlfriend, family, and friends, and dragging my girlfriend to Bass Pro Shops. My biggest accomplishments are opening and operating my dojo, being baptized earlier this year, and earning my 4th degree black belt.

2nd Degree All-Star Black Belts

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Arianna Braylyak - 2nd Degree Black Belt

I’m Arianna Braylyak. I’m turning 15 on June 20th. I moved from Brooklyn to Syracuse when I was 7 which means I have lived here for almost 8 years. I am Ukrainian which is why on Saturdays, I go to a Ukrainian school called “Lesia Ukrainka School”. There we learn how to read and write and about our culture, history. Every day I try to spend some time outside; whether that's riding my bike, going to the park, or just running. With that, one of my biggest accomplishments is running 2 miles in 15 minutes and 22 seconds. My favorite sports are karate, volleyball, skiing, and soccer. I used to do ballet when I was 5 and now, I do Ukrainian traditional folk dance. I like to hang out with friends, listen to music, read books, and ride my bike. In the future I hope to become a financial manager, I like working with numbers and math, so I feel like this job would be suited for me. But my ultimate goal in life is to own some sort of business someday. I know how to play the viola and this year I learned to play the guitar. Although I'm not very good at it yet. This year, I really got into fitness and working out. It's been hard to stay motivated but for me it's discipline that keeps me going. In this bio, I would like to thank my family for driving me every day. My friends that make me laugh every time and for keeping me motivated throughout the cycle. And to the instructors who helped me achieve this new rank.

Ashley Goss - 2nd Degree Black Belt

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Hi there! My name is Ashley Goss, and I’m thirteen years old. I’m a high honor roll seventh grader at Soule Road Middle School. I have been a member of Team Feidt for over five years alongside my younger sister, Taegan, who is a first-degree black belt. In addition to my dedication to karate, I’m actively involved in sports. I play soccer for my school, engage in weekly soccer skills training, and compete on a soccer club team. I also play basketball and run track for my school. Besides my love for karate and sports, I play drums and actively participate in our church youth group. When I have some downtime, I enjoy playing with my friends and walking my dog, Bo. My favorite thing is spending time with my family, especially every holiday and on football Sundays. I also love our outdoor adventures, like hiking, camping, and boating.

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Maya Millet - 2nd Degree Black Belt

Hi, my name is Maya Millet. I am 16 years old and going into 11th grade and going to be a junior. I attend Christian Brothers Academy in Syracuse.  I have a sister that also trains at the dojo with me. Her name is Grace, and she is also a black belt going into her second-degree cycle soon. She is going to her first year of high school next year.  Outside of karate, I do Krav Maga and I am a purple belt and still going. I also like to draw outside of karate. I love to hang out with my friends whenever I can, especially the friends I made through karate. The people at the dojo are so fun to be around. Another thing I love to do is listen to music. I have a dog named Ozzy. He is a black lab and just turned three years old.

1st Degree Black Belts

Cole Andrejko - 1st Degree Black Belt

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My name is Cole Andrejko. I entered martial arts on May 1st 2021, and I am graduating with my black belt on June 8th 2024. I am 13 years old, in 7th grade, and I go to Soule Road Middle School. I have two siblings, Jack and Abby. Jack is 21 years old and goes to Cortland University. Abby is 17 years old and goes to Liverpool High School. I also have two parents, Aric and Melissa. My dad is an auditor, and my mom is a middle school English teacher. I like to play lacrosse and I am on the Liverpool cross country and swim teams. I am also a member of the ski club. My favorite hobby outside of school is probably snowboarding. In addition to snowboarding with the ski club, I practice snowboarding jumps a lot in my backyard. I like to make jumps and create trails through the woods. Some achievements I have made are getting into accelerated math, making the honor roll every semester, and being in the top 7 in a cross country race. My academic average is 94.5.

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Kaylie Beavers - 1st Degree Black Belt

My name is Kaylie, and I am 16 years old. I have a mom, two older sisters, one younger brother, and three cats. I love all of my cats. I go to Onondaga Community College full-time, through a dual credit program. I am majoring in Computer Science but might change my major to something math-related because I enjoy math. I like how logistical math is, and how you do not have to understand words or how to write to do it.

A few hobbies that I enjoy are drawing, painting, cooking, baking, sewing, building (like nails and wood-type building), biking, and volleyball. I love cooking and trying foods from around the world. I like trying out new things, and I am typically able to pick things up pretty quickly. I also love going on walks and hikes, specifically hikes that involve climbing of some sort. 

I listen to a lot of music, basically any music other than country (Sadly Beyonce could not change that). A some of artists that I have been listening to recently are Bruno Mars, Biggy Smalls, De La Soul, Deftones, Lauryn Hill, Mac Miller, and Tupac. (I could keep going, but it would be a long list). Currently, my favorite is Lauryn Hill. 

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Maxwell Beavers - 1st Degree Black Belt

I am a twelve year old boy with 3 older sisters and 3 sweet but weird cats. I love hanging out with my family and love that we all started karate together. It’s been really fun to do karate with them. Though two of them went off to
college before they got their black belt. I have been really excited to earn my black belt for a very long time.
Recently my life has been full of karate, but I also like to swim, play volleyball, tennis, and a few other sports. I love sports. I think they are fun and competitive. I like trying to get better at them too and to see improvement after practicing something or playing something for a long time. I really like being outside and taking walks. I like being in nature and I find hikes refreshing. I’m glad that run club has helped me get outside more.
I also love collecting crystals, gems, and rocks. I find all types so interesting and cool to look at. I have a big collection which includes Fluorite, Quartz, Amethyst, opal, Aquamarine, and much much more. Another thing about me is that I am Homeschooled. I like it because if I get my school done early then I have more time for fun activities. I have been doing really great in school and I am 4 grades ahead in math. I just love numbers. Fun fact, I have memorized over 400 digits of Pi.
Something else that I love to do is piano. I have been playing for 5 years and I think it's fun. Every year there is a Federation Competition where I have to play in front of 2 judges and every single year I have gotten “Superior” which is the highest rating you can get.

Ayla Begovic - 1st Degree Black Belt

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My name is Ayla Begovic. I am 13 years old, and I am in 7th grade at Morgan Road Middle. I am the only one in my family that trains in the martial arts. Outside of school, I like to read, hang out with my friends, play with my pet hamsters, and listen to music. In school I am a 90 average student and am in the student council. I am also in my school’s yearbook staff. I currently go to Liverpool School District. My favorite subjects in school are English, French, and Social Studies. Outside of the dojo, some of my accomplishments are always being ahead in my English class and Math classes, along with being one of the more advanced 7th grade violin players in my school's orchestra. I can play violin, a little bit of double bass, acoustic, electric, and bass guitar, keyboard, drums, and I can do vibrato on the cello. I live with my mom, my dad, my brothers, and my two hamsters, Ghost and Steve. Outside of karate, I like to play volleyball with my friends outside or in Gym. I strive to be a lawyer and go to college with a Law and Criminal Justice major.

Emily Cardone - 1st Degree Black Belt

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My name is Emily Cardone, I am 14 years old and I am a freshman at Christian Brothers Academy with an average of 94. I play the flute, and I do yearbook club. I started karate just before Covid came. I did my yellow belt graduation, and many classes on zoom. I live with my mom, my dad, and my sister. I love to spend time taking walks, and outside with my sister and our family friends. I spend lots of time studying, or talking on the phone, or hanging out with my close friends. I train with my dad, Deshi Cardone. Outside of karate, I do cheerleading for my school, and I am proud of getting on the varsity team as a Freshman. I am also proud of running 2 miles in 15 minutes and 33 seconds. I like to do my friends' hair when they ask me to, or help them pick what to wear to events.

Aiden Domago - 1st Degree Black Belt

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My name is Aiden Domago and I am (almost) 10 years old in fourth grade at Liverpool Elementary School. I am a member of student council and am learning to play the trumpet in band. I love playing basketball, football, and swimming. I also enjoy riding bikes and playing cards with my friends.

I started at the dojo 5 years ago as a Little Dragon. My birthday is June 7th and I am so excited to celebrate turning 10 while earning my black belt! I am thankful for all the support from my family during this black belt journey.

Jack Dyer - 1st Degree Black Belt

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​My name is Jack Dyer. I am 13 years old and I am in the 7th grade steam Program at Morgan Rd. Middle School. I live with my Mom, Dad, and sister, Julie. I enjoy photography, volleyball, playing video games, and spending time with my family.

There are many people, including my teammates, instructors, and family that have influenced me over the years. I want to thank my Mom, Dad, and sister for all the support they have given me through this journey and I would like to wish my Mom a Happy Birthday today!

Corinne Wesel - 1st Degree Black Belt

I am a single mom with 4 kids ages 21, 18, 16, and 12. We all started our martial arts training together in Oct 2020, but 2 of my daughters went out to college so they couldn’t continue their training.

I started homeschooling all 4 of my children in 2019 right before the pandemic and it has been great for us. My three oldest have been able to start college 2 years early and all 4 of my kids excel in everything they do. I am grateful for the time that it has allowed me to have with them and what we have been able to learn together.

I actively serve in my church most often working with the children and youth. I currently teach an early morning scripture study class every morning before school with for the highschoolers at our church. I may lose a little sleep doing it but is 100% worth it.

As a single mom I have gained a lot of new skills. I have come to enjoy home improvement projects and I have learned to do some plumbing, electrical, minor construction, and car repair.

I enjoy photography, reading, being outdoors, and traveling. I love hiking and exploring new places, but I am also just as happy sitting on the beach soaking up the sun. But most of all I love spending time with my kids and extended family. 

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Graduating Black Belt Class of June 2024

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