Black Belt Graduation

Saturday, December 11th at 10:30am

December 2021 Graduates


About the Graduates


Mr. Jeffrey Wallace - 3rd Degree Black Belt

Greetings, my name is Jeff Wallace and I’ll be attaining the rank of 3rd degree. I first joined the dojo in 1998 with my older sister and younger brother. In my first stint, my siblings each attained the rank of 2nd degree black belt, but unfortunately I struggled, particularly with the run requirement. I took a break for about a decade as I focused on my education graduating from SUNY Oswego with my Master’s Degree in Business Administration, Bachelors of Science cum laude in Accounting, and a minor in Economics.

Since graduating, I have worked for both federal and state agencies as a bank examiner reviewing the safety and soundness of Community and Regional Banks in New York and across the Northeast. I am currently a Financial Services Examiner 1 for the New York State Department of Financial Services. I am also an avid trivia fan, I enjoy music of all genres, I play video games on several platforms, and I run coach several days a week for our dojo.

I have been able to take my experience struggling with running and turned it into one of my passions; helping young runners overcome challenges at a young age where I had been unable to succeed. I may not have achieved my 2nd degree with my siblings, but the experience motivated me to come back better, stronger, and faster; and now I am the first in my family to achieve 3rd degree.

I am proud and honored to lead the current graduating class as we continue our pursuit of Black Belt Excellence!

    Mr. Noah Arnold - 2nd Degree Black Belt  

  My name is Noah Arnold I am 12 years old, and I go to Liverpool Middle School I have been training at Impact martial arts for 7 years. I train with my sister Olivia who just got her second degree in June. I also am part of the demo team at Team Feidt. Outside of the dojo I also run Modified Cross country for Liverpool Schools, and I also have been in scouts for 6 years and just received the rank of second class in my Boy scout troop.


 Mr. Jack DeGennaro - 2nd Degree Black Belt 

My name is Jack DeGennaro and I am getting ready to get my second degree black belt.
I am 11 years old in 6th grade at Soule Road Elementary and my favorite subject is social studies. 
Some of my favorite things to do outside of karate are running, playing football outside with my 
friends after school, playing basketball, and going on my boat in the summer. I plan to be on the 
modified track, cross country, and basketball teams next year. I also love hiking mountains with my 
dad; we recently started hiking the 46 high peaks in the Adirondacks. My dad and I started hiking 
one of the mountains at 5:30 am at 39 degrees and got to the top by 8:30. I love the color purple, 
Christmas, ravioli, and the TV show Survivor. Some of my accomplishments are that I got first place 
for my age for a basketball free throw competition, and I was the youngest but 3rd fastest at a 
cross country camp I did over the summer. However
I am most proud that I have achieved the rank of second degree black belt.


 Mr. Mason Dinneen - 2nd Degree Black Belt 

My name is Mason Dinneen and I am 13 years old. I am an 8th grader at Soule Road Middle School. I have been training in the martial arts for 6 ½ years. My favorite part of karate is sparing and pad work. Now that I am earning my second-degree black belt, I hope to get in the ring someday. I also enjoy performing in karate demos. This past summer I earned my Taisho patch for leadership at the dojo. My mom also trains at the dojo and has her first degree black belt. My mom and I take KickFIT classes at the dojo together. Outside of karate, I enjoy running. During this cycle, I was a member of the Liverpool Modified Cross Country team where I consistently place in the top 5 for my team. I also enjoy playing video games on in my spare time. My goal is to continue training and earn my third degree black belt one day.    

    Mr. Luke Granbois - 2nd Degree Black Belt  

I started martial arts training 7 years ago in October 2015 after starting kindergarten. I am now almost 12 years old and a 6th grader at Soule Road Elementary. I earned my first-degree black belt in November 2019. You can always catch me smiling even when I’m running. I especially like learning katas and weapons. When I’m not at the dojo, I keep busy by playing violin, reading, fishing, boating, riding bikes with my friends, racing R/C cars and trucks, designing with 3D printing, and eating pizza. I am also interested in cars, soccer, football, and basketball. I enjoy going on vacations with my family.

 Ms. Alyssa Zoccolillo - 2nd Degree Black Belt 

Hi! My name is Alyssa Zoccolillo! I am a sixth grader at Ray Middle School. I am 11 years old. I train with my brother who is a second degree and my many friends of course. I have been training since I was 6 years old. In school I have an average of 97%. I am in chorus at school and in the select chorus group and also enjoy drawing, painting, reading , writing and karate obviously. I participate in hyper, jiu jitsu, and I am on the Demo Team. When I am not doing karate, I might be camping, swimming, playing with my dogs, spending time with my wonderful and supportive family, or on a walk. 


 Ms. Grace Bedward - 1st Degree Black Belt 

Hello, my name is Grace Bedward. I am 10 years old and a Fifth Grader at Liverpool Elementary. I started training as a little dragon 6 years ago and I really enjoy learning new kicks and weapon skills. Also, I have many hobbies outside of the dojo like baking cupcakes, drawing, sewing, and playing the French horn. I currently have an A average and have received awards in math and science. I am looking forward to continuing my training.

 Mr. Gabriel Knighton- 1st Degree Black Belt

My name is Gabriel Knighton and I am 11 years old and a 6th grader at Donlin Drive Elementary. I started karate when I was 6 years old as a little dragon with my brother Michael who is currently a red but will soon be high red and currently my mom joined. Besides karate, I play the violin in my school orchestra this is my third year.  In my spare time I enjoy playing outside and spending time with my family.  My favorite time of year is Christmas.  During my black belt cycle I found out I enjoy running and will look into track or cross country running.


 Mr. Andrew Call- 1st Degree Black Belt

My name is Andrew Call. I am 12 years old; I have been doing Karate for 3 and ½ years. I am in 6th grade at Elmcrest elementary. Recently I have been voted into the student council. I train with my dad who is a brown belt. Some of the things I do Outside of Karate are playing video games, playing basketball outside with my friends, and cooking food. I have a leopard gecko named Leo, and a dog named Oliver b. Cow (the b stands for beef.) 

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Graduating Black Belt Class of December 2021