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We love our students. They are why we do what we do and love what we do.

Here are a few expressing their feelings.

Thank you!

“I initially began training at Impact Martial Arts - Team Feidt a couple months ago after taking over the remainder of my brother's contract. My mom decided to join as well, so we train together a couple classes a month. My first few weeks were tough, especially fitness week! However, I can feel myself getting stronger each class, and it's a very satisfying feeling! My training is extremely beneficial to my safety in my career field. I feel confident that if I were ever to be approached by someone while out in the field, my training has prepared me to defend myself in situations I would not have known how to before.  I also benefit on a more personal level by continuing to improve my physical fitness.  My favorite part about training at Impact Martial Arts- Team Feidt, is the positive energy that encompasses the dojo, and the constant push to be better from the instructors.  There is no better feeling than surrounding yourself with great people, and positive energy!  Team Feidt members, staff, and even spectators at the dojo are extremely friendly, energetic and encouraging.  Some days I get home from work and want to sit and relax for the rest of the evening... It’s sometimes a struggle to get back up and head to class. However, as soon as I enter the dojo, I’m happy to be there. When leaving the dojo after training, no matter how challenging class was, I feel like a million bucks! I'm glad to be a member of Team Feidt!”    - Stephanie Andrianos


"So it has been 6 months to the day since I have quit smoking! Just last year I had tried 4 different times to quit. So how was I able to do it? I found something that not only made me active but I also found out that I LOVE to do! I started taking Krav Maga and Karate classes. The whole perspective and mindset that is learned in the dojo from taking these classes, being encouraged and motivated to push yourself farther, to do and become your best are what gave me the ability to quit smoking without looking back. Thank you staff @ Team Feidt & Shihan Feidt for cultivating an atmosphere and environment to encourage and motivate individuals to do and become their very best!"

- Christina Besaw

Krav Maga has given me the ability to not only defend myself, but to help detect and stop potential threats quickly and efficiently. Sensei Baker has been very helpful in his training and I highly recommend his Krav Maga class to anyone seeking a self-defense program.

- A. Carlson

“Last night I had karate class with Devin. I get so calm and positively charged in the Dojo. There are so many happy and helpful people there. The results of my efforts were apparent at the Dr. this morning with my blood pressure being way down and the loss of weight since I started. The mental and emotional benefits to me have been the most rewarding I have experienced in a long time. I have my Family, Dojo included and friends to thank for their support. Once I put that Gi and Belt on, my troubles melt away and I begin to channel my energy. Last night Roy said to me, Kyle would be so proud of you. I needed to hear that. Devin received his 2nd Belt Tip last night. On the ride home, he said Mom; I'll work with you on your Kata tomorrow. To me, that's the biggest I love you:) It's not about him doing the dishes in my life. It's much bigger than that.” - Michele Solorio



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