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P.M.A. vs. N.M.A.

Positive Mental Attitude or Negative Mental Attitude

P.M.A. – vs. – N.M.A.

“Positive Mental Attitude – vs. – Negative Mental Attitude”

To become a great BLACK BELT we must constantly condition our attitudes and emotions to remain positive and optimistic. We must train ourselves to keep our minds filled with positive thoughts, ideas and outcomes and to keep a strong belief in our ability to overcome the obstacles of achievement. Consider your options; take the negative route and fill your mind with fear, doubt, worry, envy and anger. How successful do you think you will become if you’re loaded with all those negatives?

A positive attitude creates an energy force that inspires and motivates people to be their best. It spreads and builds great momentum for success and achievement. It helps to create an uplifting emotion that enhances learning and promotes positive progress in the life, as well as in the dojo.

BLACK BELTS are Leaders! They accept responsibility for their attitudes, emotions and actions. From this day forward take charge of yours. Work at it daily and continue to work at it until it becomes a habit. Every day in every way we must aim to get better and better. When hit with negatives, counter with positives!

Negative attitudes and emotions can damage and drain energy from you and anyone around you. It can be like a black cloud lingering over your head. It brings out emotions like depression, sadness and self-doubt. Not exactly the emotions that will propel a person forward in life.

It’s better to develop a “Yes, I Can” attitude – vs. – “I Can’t”. Stinkin’ Thinkin’ and hardening of the attitudes are very dangerous diseases, they lead to a downward spiral in life and will destroy your health, wealth and happiness.

We all have friends and relatives that are plagued with N.M.A. Don’t allow them to dump their garbage in your mind. Never be the person that brightens up the room by leaving it. Brighten up and lighten up your attitude and you’ll see your enthusiasm and zest for life spread to others around you.

Great Leaders know that developing a Positive Mental Attitude is one of the keys to a successful life!

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