HYPER Pro Training

Hyper Pro Training is a fusion between traditional and modern martial arts training that includes self-defense, forms, fitness and performance weapon training. Students learn to excel in teamwork, leadership and their performance martial arts skills, taking them to the next level.

Matt Emig-Kickin It

Chloe Bruce-Kickin It

At Home Practice Videos

Level 1 Kicks

Hyper Pro Autobahn Kick
Autobahn Kick
Hyper Pro Split Kick
Hop over Hook Kick
Tornado Kick
Hyper Pro Butterfly Kick
Butterfly Kick
Hyper Pro Split Kick
Split Kick
Hook Round

Challenge Kicks

Hyper Pro Cheat 720 Kick

Cheat 720 Kick

Au Batido

Hyper Pro 4 Kick combo

4 Kick Combo

Axe Kick Jump 360

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