To become a great BLACK BELT we must constantly condition our attitudes and emotions to remain positive and optimistic. We must train ourselves to keep our minds filled with positive thoughts, ideas and outcomes and to keep a strong belief in our ability to overcome the obstacles of achievement. Consider your options; take the negative route and fill your mind with fear, doubt, worry, envy and anger. How successful do you think you will become if you’re loaded with all those negatives? A positive attitude creates an energy force that inspires and motivates people to be their best. It spreads and builds great momentum for success and achievement. It helps to create an uplifting emotion th

Ways to Build your Child's Confidence-Part 1

Love your child. This seems obvious, but it's probably the most important thing you can give your child. Even if you do it imperfectly, and who doesn't? Always dole out plenty of love. Your child needs to feel accepted and loved, beginning with the family and extending to other groups such as friends, schoolmates, sports teams, and community. If you yell or ignore or make some other parenting mistake, give your child a hug and tell her you're sorry and you love her. Unconditional love builds a strong foundation for confidence. Give praise where praise is due. It's important to give your child praise and positive feedback because children, especially young ones, measure their worth and achiev

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