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Welcome to the Team Feidt Black Belt Club Page

The Black Belt Club training program is an association of active students, who have set the goal to achieve their Black Belt.  Becoming a Black Belt Club Member in our dojo shows dedication and commitment to our program, to the Martial Arts, and most importantly to yourself.  Setting this goal shows that you are willing to make the sacrifices and develop the necessary discipline to achieve excellence, in the Martial Arts, and in your life.



Your character is what people think about you when someone says your name. For instance, some cartoon characters are famous and when you say their name, an image comes into your mind. What do you think about when you imagine Shrek? Or what do you think about when you think of the Ninja Turtles or Po from Kung Fu Panda? These thoughts make up their character. It’s who they are. 

One of the coolest things in life is choosing your character. Everyday, you have the chance to make your character really cool, really strong, or really smart. Your character is made up of what you do most of the time and your personality. What qualities do you want people to think about you? 

Action Item 1:

Write down the qualities from below that you want people to think of when someone says your name. 

Action Item 2:

Make another list of the ones you want to improve on.

Serious       Caring     Good Mannered     Clean     Happy     Cool      Open-Minded     Courageous     Hard Worker     Kind Truthful       Good Listener      Honest      Fun      Smiles      Jokes Around      Shy      Liar      Mean      Stubborn      Sad   Bad Temper      Sloppy      Sneaky      Impatient      Arrogant      Jealous      Lazy      Rude     

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