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Welcome to the Team Feidt Black Belt Club Page

The Black Belt Club training program is an association of active students, who have set the goal to achieve their Black Belt.  Becoming a Black Belt Club Member in our dojo shows dedication and commitment to our program, to the Martial Arts, and most importantly to yourself.  Setting this goal shows that you are willing to make the sacrifices and develop the necessary discipline to achieve excellence, in the Martial Arts, and in your life.



One day the Zen master wanted to show his students a new technique of shooting an arrow. He told his students to cover his eyes with a cloth and then he shot his arrow. When he opened his eyes, he saw the target with no arrow in it and when he looked at his students, they looked embarrassed because their teacher had missed. 
The Zen master asked them, “What lesson do you think I intend to teach you all today?” They answered, “We thought you would show us how to shoot at the target without looking.” The Zen master said, “No, I taught you that if you want to be successful in life, don’t forget the target. You have to keep an eye on the target, otherwise you may miss a good opportunity in life.” They looked at each other, impressed with the lesson. 
The moral of the story is we need to consistently focus on what we want and we need to realize that : 

March Theme



Teamwork and giving 100%

A boy and a girl were playing together in the garden. The boy told the girl that he has a collection of marbles. The girl told him she has some homemade sweets with her.

Hearing this, the boy told the girl that he will give her all his marbles in exchange for her sweets and the girl agreed.

The girl went and packed all the sweets she had in a box and came. Meanwhile, the boy kept some of the beautiful and bigger marbles in his home and bought the remaining marbles for her. Then both exchanged and went to their home. That night the girl slept peacefully without any thinking. But the boy couldn’t sleep. He kept on thinking about the exchange he had with the girl. He was thinking whether the girl might have hidden some sweets like he had hidden some marbles from her.

And the whole night he was thinking the same and couldn’t sleep. Moral of the story:

Always give 100% to your relationship like your office colleague, friendship, life partner, etc., and enjoy the relationship with them. If you don’t give that, you will always doubt whether another person has given his 100% to you. This will help you to have peace of mind.




One windy March day the Mayor of the town decided to take a stroll across the park. He ran into a small boy who was flying the biggest and most beautiful kite he had ever seen.


It soared high and gently across the sky that the mayor was sure it could be seen in the next city. This little town didn’t have very many things that were spectacular, so the Mayor decided to award a “key to the city” to the one responsible for such a beautiful thing.


“Who is responsible for flying this kite?” the Mayor asked.


“I am,” said the little boy holding with all his might to the beautiful big kite. He said, “I made this huge kite myself, with my own hands. I painted all of the colorful pictures on it, and I fly it!”

“I am,” said the wind. “It is my breeze that keeps it in the air flying so big and beautiful. 
Unless I blow on it, it will not fly at all. I fly it!”

“Not so,” claimed the kite’s tail. “I make it sail and give it stability against the wind’s blowing gusts. Without me the kite would spin out of control and not even the boy could save it from crashing to the earth. I fly the kite!”

So, who flies the kite?


They all do, don’t they?

In the day-to-day hustle and bustle of work it easy to forget that everyone flies the kite. Without the team, the leader would never be successful. Without a good leader the team would fail. Both need each other. And each person on the team need one another as well. They all fly it!


ONE is better than one

Marvel’s The Avengers, featuring Iron Man, Captain America, the Hulk, and
Thor is not just inspiring for comics fans. There’s a huge lesson about
teamwork you might not have paid attention to. Not just teamwork – but
the value of teams themselves.

The Avengers’ lesson is that ONE is better than one, meaning that one
team is better than one person. It is universally different from five people
versus one person. A group of five can probably accomplish more than
one person alone, but it’s when those five people work together as a team
when the magic happens.



The hard part is making those five individuals put their egos aside, trust
each other, and act as a team. Captain America and Iron Man have a
pretty different view of the world, and compromise doesn’t come easy. But
they respect and trust one another despite their disagreements, and they
can see the value the other brings to the table. The abandonment of ego is
what allows you to become part of a whole that is greater than the sum of
its parts.

When you’re part of a team, a truly cohesive unit that functions with a
single purpose, you can accomplish wonders.


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